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Should you manage your own property ​?

My Advice to all landlords, is that unless you have read the Rental Housing Act, to Consumer Protection act, don't manage your property yourself.

Property management is a heavily administrative task that needs plenty of time and effort. amount collecting the rent, heres other tasks that managing a property involves:

  1. incoming and outgoing inspections

  2. preparing a lease agreement

  3. processing credit checks and affordability analysis is accordance with the National Credit ACT.

  4. dealing with tenants to make sure they are happy

  5. attending to maintenance issues and handling insurance contractors

  6. dealing with late payment

  7. issuing letters of demand

  8. evicting tenants for late or no payment

  9. finding new replacement tenants In the event of the above

  10. creating statements for your tenants in accordance with the law

  11. creating your own SARS statements for rental income

  12. paying rates and taxes

  13. paying levies

  14. using the above calculations to issue on tenant statements

  15. collecting the correct deposit for utilities to enable you to charge the tenant in arrears for utilities

This is not a complete list of the tasks involved with managing property.

If you don't have time for this, give us a call. Maslow Realty charges 8% per month to do all of this for you. Don't put yourself in a sticky situation.

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